At interview doctors we understand that one course is not enough for you to master the art of interviews so we strive to be with you every step of the way. That is the reason we are offering a unique and personalised 3 step process that will ensure your interview day goes as smoothly as possible!


  • The best instructors

    All instructors are senior medical students and doctors at the some of the world’s best medical schools. They have all been through medical school interviews not long ago and some have even sat on the panel. Who better to teach you?

  • Interview bible

    We have made a comprehensive booklet that you can take home that has official interview questions, tips, tricks and concise revision notes on important topics.

  • Tried and tested formula

    Based on our own personal experiences and the feedback from our students we have devised a personalised three step process and interactive lecture format. Due to this we have an excellent success rate and great testimonials.

  • Full One to One Mock Interviews

    Each student will get a full one-to-one mock interview with personalised verbal and written feedback from one of our experienced mentors.

  • One-to-one service

    We will contact you to find out everything about you and your application. We will ask you about your concerns so that we can tailor our course to your needs!

  • MMI Masters

    Many medical schools are now using Multiple Mini Interviews. We will go through all the possible stations so you know exactly what to expect. Also we’ll go through some mock stations


Your day is jam-packed with all the high yield content you need for your medical school interviews. The sessions include small group teaching sessions where you can get personalised feedback as well as interactive exercises. Refreshments will be provided throughout the day.

MORNING (10:00AM – 1:00PM)

Introduction to Interviews
Importance of Medical School Interviews
How to prepare for your interviews?
What are interviewers are looking for?
How to succeed in your MMI’s?
Communication skills and body language (inc. MMIs)
Full One to One Mock Interviews

AFTERNOON (1:45PM – 5:30PM)

Typical questions and how to answer them
Medical ethics and law
Mock Ethical Scenarios
Everything you need to know about NHS and current affairs
Thinking frameworks to tackle unexpected questions
Small group teaching with personalised feedback
Q & A session


We are a group of senior medical students and doctors from Imperial College London who have a passion to teach and pass on our knowledge to all you budding medical students! We are in the best place to tell you exactly what you need to do to impress on your interview day! We are looking forward to meeting you and getting you through your medical school interviews!



FY1 Doctor, Imperial College London graduate. Knows everything about the NHS and current affairs. Mr NHS.



5th Year Medic At Imperial College London. Makes amazing Youtube videos.



FY2 Doctor, Imperial graduate and pursuing a career in the states. Gives the best feedback on interview answers!


Students can work tirelessly towards their dream of getting into medical school and it all comes down to ten minutes in an interview room….Other companies offer one half-day course and expect to magically transform your interview skills. They do not realise that performing well in your interview is a skill that needs practice and patience…it can’t just be done in a few hours! What’s more, they know how important the interview is to you so can get away with charging extortionate prices. Our prices speak for themselves, we offer a premium service that everyone can afford. Consider this an investment to kickstart your career!


We want to solve this problem and offer every one of you a premium service in which we will be with you in every step of your journey- from the start until the absolute end! We love creating a rapport with our students so that they can benefit more from our tailored service. Also we do not want this to be an exclusive service – so we have made our service available to each and every one of you at an affordable price. We are all students ourselves and know exactly how you feel. Our promise is to try our absolute best to get you into the medical school of your dreams!

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We also hold UKCAT and BMAT courses. Please check out UKCAT Doctors and BMAT Doctors for further details 🙂


  • I really enjoyed how this course was structured. The small group activities and larger lectures both worked really well. The course was also really engaging as were the tutors. I liked that there were loads of tutors on the day who all know what they are talking about. It was also really engaging as they used videos, quizzes and games well so I was able to concentrate throughout! Thank you all so much!”

    Samina Birmingham
  • The course was nicely structured and well organised. It really helped me discover everything I needed to know about the interview and I feel much more confident now. I liked the teaching style of all the tutors especially how they summarised all the key points at the end to really drill everything home. Maroof was a really really good tutor and speaker and made difficult things really easy to understand

    Sam Edinburgh
  • The tutors at Interview Doctors are so great! They are funny, interactive and really know what they are talking about. They gave me so many really good tips that I used in my actual interview. Massive thank you to the team!

    Muhammad Leicester
  • This course was very useful and helped me understand everything about interviews. I feel a lot more prepared and at an advantage than if I hadn’t come on the course. Every single question I had was covered so well and explained clearly. The tutors were all so enthusiastic and funny. Would definitely recommend this course to anyone applying for medicine!

    Sarah London


Medical school interviews are the make or break of a two year application process…so there is no hiding the fact that it is quite important! We believe at Interview Doctors we provide you with all the tools to excel at interviews. This is because as official panellists we know all the tips, tricks and knowledge interviewers are looking for and we are willing to pass this onto you. The idea of being interviews by three random doctors is daunting for most of us, but our 3-step process will help calm your nerves and ensure you do amazingly at your interview!

You have all heard the proverb “practice makes perfect” right? At Interview Doctors we believe that it is always good to start preparing early so we have ensured that both of our course dates are early in the interview calendar, so that you have plenty of time to practice for your interview. It is entirely up to you which course date you book. But remember we are not just there for you on one day, we are available every day – from when you book with us right up until the day you get into medical school.

We offer private coaching on top of our three step process. This is an excellent opportunity to perfect your interview skills and you will be given two mock interviews as well as individual tutoring based on your current skills. We also video both interviews and analyse them with you so you can see exactly where you are going wrong. These videos will then be yours to keep – an excellent learning tool! Spaces for individual tutoring are very limited so contact us to book your place now.

Our courses are delivered by experienced medical students and doctors from the top medical schools in the country. They all have heaps of experience in coaching for interviews. Our students will get all the top tips and inside knowledge to ace your medical school interviews. 

At interview doctors we are the interview specialists so we have focussed all our efforts into making our interview service the best it can possibly be! So unfortunately as we are so determined to make sure you excel in your interview we do not offer BMAT or UKCAT courses.

We understand the importance of MMIs given that many universities such as Birmingham, Kings, St Georges and many others have started to use it. We have therefore tailored our course to prepare students for this format of interview. As well as having a dedicated interactive lecture solely on MMIs in the course, we have also tailored many of the other overlapping lectures to address MMIs. The lecture on MMIs will give students tips and typical questions to expect. Other lectures in the course which can be found in both traditional interviews and MMIs, such as ethical scenarios, communication skills and current healthcare issues will be adapted to help students for MMIs. Finally, MMIs will be covered extensively in our course guide that we provide during the course.

Oxbridge interviews are unique as each interview is  different from the last. So we try our best to prepare you as much as possible for anything thrown at you in any interview, be that Oxbridge or any other medical school. A lot of our tips in structuring answers will be invaluable for your Oxbridge interview. We also offer a section in our handbook dedicated solely for oxbridge interviews. We hope that your journey with us will enable you to apply your knowledge and answer those weird and wonderful questions thrown at you.

You can subscribe to our service using a PayPal account or any major debit or credit card. PayPal is the largest online payment processor and it offers you the highest online security! If you do not have a PayPal account do not worry at all, you can either set one up (takes a few minutes max) or you can pay via any major debit or credit card – whichever tickles your fancy!

We’re happy to give you a full refund  as long as you email us  at least 21 days before the course to cancel your place. If you email us within the 21 day period, we can transfer your place to another student (if you know someone who wants it) but unfortunately, we will not be able to refund you. Also if you are able to make our course on a different date and there are spaces available we will be more than happy to transfer you to a different date.

We want to be as inclusive as possible and we want to ensure that all students have the opportunity to attend our courses regardless of financial background. This is why our prices are the lowest on the market. We also offer multiple bursaries to help students who would find it difficult to attend our course due to financial reasons. To apply simply send a short email to info@interviewdoctors.com with reasons as to why you should be eligible and how this bursary will benefit you.

Any other questions? Feel free to email us at info@interviewdoctors.com


If you have any queries, please email us at info@interviewdoctors.com – we’ll do our best to help in any way we can 🙂

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